Services What Green Room Mowing & Gardening Denmark Do



If you love outdoor living, a well maintained lawn is your home’s greatest asset. Nestled among your garden plants, next to the native bush, or the only thing between you and the ocean views, your lawn is your great outdoor living room. Keeping it looking at its best is something you may not have the time or equipment for. Let Green Room Mowing and Gardening take care of your lawn maintenance needs.




Need your property slashed but don’t want to turn it into a wasteland? Green Room Mowing and Gardening can get your bushland under control while retaining the natural aesthetics of your property. By selectively clearing away bushland debris while retaining native plants you want to keep, your forested areas will never look better.



Prepare your property for the bushfire season and meet local government fire safety regulations by performing annual fire compliance clean ups on your block. Meeting WA’s new fire safety standards is part of owning a bush block or country home. Green Room Mowing and Gardening can help you keep your property safe this summer.


Life in the country can be hard on your home. Moss, mould, cobwebs, dust from gravel roads, all seem to find a place at your house. Freshen up the look of your home and reduce slip hazards by pressure washing your wall and paving surfaces regularly. Green Room Mowing and Gardening can get your home back to its best.


Regular cleaning of household gutters is an important part of owning a home in Denmark. Large amounts of leaf fall from native trees as well as high annual rainfall could spell disaster for your home if left unchecked. Regular gutter cleaning could help you avoid a big bill from replacing rusted out gutters or flooded ceiling.


What shape are your trees and shrubs in? Are they climbing over the top of each other? Do you have to duck and dive to get around the garden? Green Room Mowing and Gardening can prune and shape your garden trees and shrubs back to an aesthetically pleasing size and shape for you.


Why live with weeds in the lawn? Those weeds you see in your lawn every spring can be removed leaving you with a carpet of green lawn that you can be proud of. That you can walk, run, and play on, without the fear of prickles and burrs. Keep your garden beds and lawn looking their best with regular weed control with Green Room Mowing and Gardening.


Has your last tenant left the lawn and garden in a mess? Get your property back in shape and attract a new tenant with a comprehensive tidy up with Green Room Mowing and Gardening.

All services listed above are provided. If you want to avoid the same dilemma again, ask about a regular maintenance program. Costs can be recouped through the rental income and dependent upon your individual circumstances, are tax deductible. Discuss implementing a regular maintenance program with your accountant and property manager, and have it all taken care of with Green Room Mowing and Gardening.


Give your guests the best Denmark experience available and have them coming back for more. A regular lawn and garden maintenance program will lift your holiday out of the ordinary and promote increased return clientele. A better bottom line and when it’s time for your holiday, you can relax.


A regular maintenance program will improve the look of your investment property or holiday home. Keep your guests returning to your accommodation by providing a great place for them to stay. Well maintained properties generate more income than poorly maintained ones. Good tenants are hard to find! Experienced property investors know that most tenants don’t bother themselves with maintaining a rental property. One bad tenant can undo years of hard work and accrued value to your property.